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We started the Farm Beyond in 2012 in Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan. We named it Beyond because we want it to be the place where we can go Beyond our concerns, worries and limits and etc. We don't use any chemicals nor even barnyard manure. We just let the vegetables grow on their own. It's like the way Masanobu Fukuoka took. Vegetables grown in that way taste and smell true and natural like they used to be many years ago. Our kids really love them to eat because they don't have a harsh taste due to fertilzers. At Beyond Organic Nature Farm we don't just sell Vegetables. We just want to keep smiling and shining ourselves hoping that those involved would smile and shine, too, before they know it. We want to share kindness, generosity and love.

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If you are interested or want to hear anything, give me an Email. Currently we have no accomodations for WWOOFers but, I am open to discuss about accepting WWOOFers. >>How to contact us

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Let's feel the greatness and generosity of nature and life!
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